Dixie State University

Schedule Changes

Location Changes:

Check back here for info on any location changes.

Additional class Added:

  • Estate Planning has cancelled class on 10/16 and added a class on 11/20.
  • Poetry has added 10/31 as an additional date.
  • Favorite Books has added December 5, 2019 as an additional class date.


  • Nov. 9th Aspiration Trail Hike has been cancelled.
  • Unpacking the News has been cancelled.
  • Latin II has been cancelled.
  • Bicycle Maintenance Basic class has been cancelled.
  • Hike 10/12/19 (Gorgeous Canyon) has been cancelled.
  • History of Baha’i Faith class is cancelled for 10/9/19.
  • Yaweh Yoga for Seniors class is cancelled for 10/14/19.
  • Spanish-Intermediate & Conversational class will end on 11/19/19.

Time Change:

Check back here for info on any time changes.

Dates changed:

Aspiration Trail Hike Rescheduled:

The October 5th Aspiration Trail Hike has been rescheduled for November 9th.

Between Gender and Aging new dates:

  • September 12
  • September 19
  • October 3
  • October 10
  • October 24

(Only a 5 week class now)