Mark Twain

An introduction to the life and works of America’s preeminent humorist.  The class will explore the nature of humor and why this 19th Century author remains relevant today while so many of his contemporaries are long forgotten.  We will take a closer look at Twain’s views on politics, religion, war, sex, human nature, and cats.  This course will involve student participation, PowerPoint presentations, and readings.  Come learn things about Mark Twain you never knew, while strengthening your immune system with laughter.

Instructor: Douglas R. Bowen, B.A. German Literature, BYU; Firefighter 1 and 2 certifications; Fire Service Instructor Certification. Non-profit agency executive for 16 years.  Washington County Asst. Fire Warden for 3 years.

A Theory of Comedy

20 types of humor–list

Twain Chronology-condensed-edited

Fenimore Cooper

Cooper’s Prose Style

Mark Twain and Bible Scripture