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Lecture Series and Events

Lecture Series and Events

Lecture Series:

Free and open to the public! 7:00-8:30 PM in the Udvar-Hazy building, room 121.

Date Presentation Author
3/28 How the Utah Shakespeare Festival Became One of the World's Best and Why it Matters Tyler Morgan, Director of Marketing & Communications, Utah Shakespeare Festival
4/4 Living Through the Dissolution of the Soviet Union- The Life of a Russian Family Dr. Olga Pilkington, Professor, DSU
4/11 Death & Destruction in St. George (Geological Hazards) Dr. Rick Miller, Former professor, DSU, San Diego State University

Botany Field Trips:

Unless otherwise specified, meet at North Plaza Building on the west side of the parking lot. Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Leader: Lee Hughes 435-229-7253

Beaver Dam Slope, Arizona/Utah Border or Whitney Pocket, Nevada

Monday, April 8. 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Location will depend on where flowers are in bloom. Please bring a lunch, water, and a high-clearance vehicle.

St. George Basin, Warner Ridge and Black Rock Gulch

Monday, April 22. 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Please bring a lunch, water, and a high-clearance vehicle.

Lime Kiln Canyon and Red Rock Spring

Monday, May 6. 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Please bring a lunch, water, and a high-clearance vehicle.


Please remember to register online for your hikes. Due to the increased interest and for safety reasons, we will have to limit hikes to 25 individuals, sometimes lower limits for specific hikes. Click on any hike below to see more information.

Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs

Limited to 15 hikers due to regulations
Thursday, April 4th 9:30 AM
Leaders: Frida (435-632-1552) and Tim O'Brien (920-445-1313)
Easy or Moderate, 4 miles total, social pace, minor elevation change, 3-4 hours
Meet at the SW corner of Lin's Market parking lot on Sunset Blvd.
We will have Sarah Thomas, Director of Conserve Southwest Utah accompany us on the hike. She will explain opportunities for participating in the BLM Site Steward program that helps to preserve and protect archeological sites in the area. Also, we will have Feather Robinson, President of Dixie Archeology Society, help us interpret the petroglyphs. The trail climbs gradually up the slope of the Anasazi Ridge, also known as Land Hill, offering us beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Here, we will visit an ancestral Puebloan farmstead before we get to the petroglyphs. Most of the hike is on an easy graded gravel path accessible to hikers of all abilities. A lot of rock art can be seen from the trail. However, some of the petroglyphs are only seen by climbing around large boulders that may be difficult for some. Once at the ridge, we will split into 2 groups. One group will hike along the ridge with Frida. The other roup will navigate the boulders down below with Tim (Bring gloves to protect the rock art when you need to rest your hands on the boulders).

Pioneer Park Exploration and the Botanical Garden

Monday, April 8th, 10:00 AM

Leader: Frida (435-632-1552)

Easy, 3.5 miles, minor elevation change, social page, 3-4 hours

Meet at the park on Red Hills Pkwy in the large parking lot on the east side of Dixie Rock where the big gazebo is.

We will be meandering, exploring the "wedding" cave, a pioneer home, some slots, and miniature arches. Those who wish to take a closer look at the arches will scramble up a short path (moderate part of the hike), while those who don't will take a short break at the nearby picnic table. We will then make our way to the Botanical Garden for a restful lunch, followed by visiting the garden before heading back to the cars.
Bathroom facilities are available at the trailhead and the Garden.
Poles will be helpful. Gloves will be helpful when needing to use the boulders for support.

Zen Trail (above Green Valley off Dixie Drive)

Friday, April 12, 1:00 PM
Leader: Tim O'Brien (920-445-1313)
Moderate to strenuous, 5 miles, 800-foot elevation change, 4 hours
Meet at Albertson's parking lot, Dixie Drive and Sunset Blvd- east side of lot near Dixie Drive.

From Albertson's we will consolidate vehicles and drive to West Canyon View Drive, off Dixie Drive, and proceed to the end of the road and down the hill on a dirt road to a BLM parking lot at the wash bottom. 4-wheel drive is not required. This is a Loop trail with a steady uphill climb along the edge of a mesa. There are fantastic vistas all along the way with caves at the apex of the loop. We will explore the caves and a cliff-side overlook above the caves. Here we will take our break prior to our long gradual descent. All hikers must commit to doing the entire loop with the group and stay close together on the trails as there are many confusing junctions and alternate routes.

Black Brush Loop - (HIKE CANCELLED!) 

Saturday, April 18, 8:30 PM

Leader: Frida Audele (435-632-1552)

Yant Flat Wonderland

Thursday, April 25, 10:00 AM

Leader: Tim O'Brien (920-445-1313)

Strenuous, with steep sections on slick rock and sand, 5 miles, 700-foot elevation change, all day

Meet in strip mall parking lot of Cafe Y (formerly Gus's BBQ) on West side of Main St at North end of Leeds

Directions to the meeting point: Travel northbound on I-15 to exit 22 and proceed north all the way through Leeds, past the post office to the strip mall containing Cafe Y. We will consolidate cars there and move parked cars to an adjacent lot along the road as we cannot park in the strip mall lot. The drive to the trailhead is 11 miles one way on steep and narrow dirt mountain roads with dropoffs, so remaining drivers must be comfortable driving such roads. High clearance vehicles are required. We will cancel is roads are wet that day. Plan on a full day as round tip drive time is two hours with a 4-5 hour hike. This is a strenuous hike with steep sandy & slick rock ascents and descents into a slickrock wonderland. After a 1.75 mile gradual uphill hike through a pinyon-juniper forest, we will descent sharply on sand and rubble 1000 feet into a slickrock wonderland. We will wander through this sandstone wonderland for about 2 hours to find the petrified tortoise and other formations before we ascent and return the way we came in. Bring a lunch. All hikers must commit to doing the entire trip into the bowl and stay close together on the trails as there are many confusing junctions and alternate routes. Call me the morning of the hike with any late cancellations. We will return to the trailhead by 3:30 and Leeds by 4:00 pm.