The following classes have ended for the year:  Hiking, Tai Chi, Why Do We Do That?, Laughter Yoga, American History II, Ballroom Social Dance, and Lecture Series.  The members in the Reptiles & Amphibians Class are done with classroom work and will participate in field trips.  Please contact Greg Brim, 630-363-3654 for more information about the field trips.



Responses to the Fall 2017 survey of members indicated strong interest in having new and different courses. The Curriculum Committee has been quite successful in identifying additional course topics and instructors for the 2018-2019 academic year.  However, possible instructors have not yet been identified for the following topics for which there have been multiple specific requests:

–  More adventure and outdoor offerings

–  More literature, perhaps creative writing

–  More language courses and instructors

–  ALL aspects of retirement

–  More art classes

–  Cooking. Dixie State University has a good classroom for cooking. There is a volunteer to teach three sessions on baking in October-November time frame. Perhaps a responsible coordinator with instructors of additional food “specialties” could work.

–  Visiting local places. Field trips to local attractions/agencies/businesses. Need a coordinator.

–  More science classes, including Astronomy/Cosmology.

If you could help with one of these topics, or can recommend someone who could, please contact ICL Director, Maureen Parks, telephone 435/652-7670 or email icl@dixie.edu.

ICL is a volunteer organization. Volunteers make ICL happen, especially volunteer instructors. There is no compensation of instructors except that an instructor of a course of a sufficient number of sessions receives complimentary membership and a DSU parking tag.

Fall ICL classes begin 9/4/2018, end 12/7/2018. Spring classes begin 1/7/2019, end 4/12/2019. DSU breaks and holidays are observed.

If there are more course proposals than can be accepted this year, the proposals not accepted will be kept on file for future consideration.


Please add the following excursion to the Botany Field Trips class:

Monday, April 23:  St. George Basin – Warner Ridge/Black Rock Gulch

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Bring lunch, water, and a high clearance vehicle.

The updated calendar is on the website, icl.dixie.edu.

Contact Lee Hughes, 229-7253, for more information.


Have you ever wondered who the artist is behind the bronze children statues at Dixie State? Here is a heartwarming story that reveals the mother of these children and the work she went through to sculpt them!



Here is a story about the Institute for Continued Learning at Dixie State University.  Please feel free to share so others know about the wonderful opportunities offered to the retired or semi-retired.
This is a great way to expand the mind and keep on learning!

Thank you!

Melissa Anderson
CEC News


Basic Information:

Fee and login for computer classes is purchased on the 2nd floor of the Holland Building at the Help Desk.

Parking permits are purchased on the 1st floor of the Holland Building at the Cashier’s Office.